Planning to 'add value' with new paint, floors, fencing or a deck is a smart thing. These improvements, among other renovations, will certainly add value to your home!

So you've made the decision to add value, great. Now what should you think about before entering the next stage? Here are a number of things to consider:

  • Have you set aside monies to pay for the project? Determine your 'expected' outlay for the project and be ready to pay a down payment towards the total Contract up front.
    Have you balanced your 'wish list' versus your 'afford to' list? Sometimes your wishes outweigh your financial where with all. Determine what is a 'must have' and what is a 'nice to have' for your project. If, for example, you want a Cedar deck but Pressure Treated is all you can afford, be practical, don't over extend yourself, if Cedar is what you want, postpone your project until you can afford it.

  • Have you considered the value you expect to get out of your project?

  • Did you select your materials or paint colours? Shop the local Home Improvement Stores to gather ideas and pick materials.

  • Have you finalized your design concept? Don't forget permits may be required.

  • Are you and your partner in agreement about the final design? Sounds crazy, but you would be quite surprised to find out that sometimes people don't always agree on the same things!

  • Did you meet the Contractor and did they convey a feeling of Partnership and Honesty? A Contractor should never come across as someone that either doesn't respect you or your opinion or worse, is only interested in themselves and your money.

  • Are you and the Contactor speaking the same language? When discussing your project, make sure you go over the project description a couple of times to ensure you both agree on the details.

  • Are you prepared for the inconveniences' that come with renovation disruption? You may have to give up access to that area for some period of time.

  • Who cleans up? A good Contractor at the end of a work day will leave the jobsite in the same condition as when they first arrived at the beginning of that day.

  • Do you know how long the project may take? Be prepared for unexpected delays that may add to the length of a project. If you have a time constraint, ensure the Contractor is aware of it and that you have contingency plans to complete the project at a later date if necessary.

  • Does the Contractor you choose have Insurance? Many people pass themselves off as a Contractor without having Insurance. Insured Contractors' provide you with piece of mind that if they have an incident while on your premises, they take on the liability.


Use grid paper to help out in your renovation layout.

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