If you walk the paint aisles at any home center, you'll see that there are more paint swatches than ever. Thousands of paint choices line the walls and each one will instill comfort or fear in each of us. White has always been referred to as the “can't-make-a-mistake” colour. Of course, white or 'neutral' palette colours are best for anyone looking at selling a home. Most new home buyers will ultimately re-paint rooms to their own taste, but fresh white or neutrals will convey a clean, fresh feel to any home.

If it is your home and plan on decorating to your taste, give colour a try! Exactly what is the fear that surrounds the decision of going with colour? Most people say they're afraid that they won't like a strong colour once it's on the walls. But that fear is irrational, because paint, unlike a black sofa covered in green parrots, can be changed inexpensively. It's much harder to return a sofa and it's very expensive to recover it.


In my own home, our living room is bathed in a medium sage colour with a bold olive border. And you know what … the colour is very inviting and it makes you feel like curling up for a hot cup of tea in front of the fireplace.


Try painting just one wall. If you like it, paint the rest of the room. Soon you'll be hooked on the colour and your home will take on it's own personality!


How to Choose right Paint Colour

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