Q. I am planning for a Deck, what should I do before I contact AVR?
A. AVR will assist you by fine tuning your final deck design but prior to contacting us we have found it valuable for the home owner to 'create' their basic plan or concept first. After doing this, take your basic plan to the local Building Warehouse retailer to have you plans 'brought to life' by their Deck design software. The good news is that you are not obligated to have them do the work for you (that's what we do) but they can provide you with 'estimated' material costs for the project and we are likely to go to them for the materials needed.

Q. Do I require a 'permit' for either a Deck or Fence?
A. The basic answer is 'maybe'. The City does have some requirements to install these products.
Please review the following web links:

For Decks

For Fencing

After you have drawn up your plans, contact the City for clarification or to obtain your permits. AVR does not procure permits for the homeowner and are not liable if the homeowner does not get the City's approval.

Q. Will AVR move household items before wall painting begins?
A. Yes we can, however we are not responsible for damage to pictures/paintings/artwork that is removed by us, therefore we ask that the homeowner do this in advance. Additionally, in order for us to access most areas, we require 3-4 feet clearance from the wall so the homeowner should clear this area. AVR will do this for the homeowner but there may be an additional labour cost associated with this and it will be discussed with you prior to starting the work.

Q. Do you remove old flooring and move furniture?
A. Yes. If we are installing new flooring we will remove old flooring and we will move furniture to allow us to install the new flooring. As stated above, we will discuss with you any additional costs involved to do this for you. As always, you can save us time and you money if the area is prepared prior to our arrival.

Q. Should I get additional quotes for my project?
A. Of course you can and 'should' prior to calling us. In fact, if you provide us with 2 or more quotes from our competition* we will review their quotes with you and if valid offer you 15% off** the lowest price quotation.
(*AVR reserves the right to determine if they are a qualifying company) (** for same material/labour/scope for the project quoted)

Q. Will you get the materials needed for the project or is that my responsibility?
A. Well that is a bit of both. You can shop for and buy your own materials need to complete the job (i.e. paint, ceramic, wood, etc.) but you are ultimately responsible for the quality and quantity of the products you purchase. If you have purchased too much then you must return the extra on your own or if you have not purchased enough you are responsible to get the extra material to allow AVR to complete the job. We have found that it is sometimes in your best interest to 'select' materials on your own then let us know 'what' and 'where' you saw the product(s) and we will procure on your behalf what is necessary to complete your project.


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